China Power Capacitor industry (investment) study(4)


China Power Capacitor industry (investment) study(4) Share


                                        Section III China's power industry is characterized by the capacitor


At present, China's power industry the main characteristics of the capacitor are as follows:


(A) electrolytic capacitors, ceramic capacitors and film capacitors are three main capacitor, the capacitor output accounted for more than 90%. Among them, ceramic capacitors capacitors in the world market will remain dominant, while the chip capacitors will dominate the market ceramic capacitors and tantalum capacitors. Miniaturization, high-capacity, high-voltage high-frequency, interference, and to engage in an array of ceramic capacitors will continue development.


(B) the small size, large capacity, long life, high temperature, low-ESR electrolytic capacitors, etc. is still the direction of development.


(C) tantalum chip capacitor products continue to lead the small, high-capacity, low impedance, direction, functional polymer tantalum capacitor production and application will be further expanded.


(D) of plastic film capacitor market demand and market share will decline, but the metallized plastic film capacitors demand will increase, information and communications equipment for the plastic wax capacitors demand will increase for information and communication equipment plastic film capacitor market will continue to expand. High frequency, to meet safety standards, high temperature, small size, chip capacitor technology will be the development direction.


In short, the domestic economic situation capacitor industry as a whole is relatively stable, as the capacitor producing countries, as the production of power will be our final efforts.


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