Case Study : high voltage ceramic capacitor used in static control , anti-static and ESD protection Industry


Case Study : high voltage ceramic capacitor used in static control , anti-static and ESD protection Industry

Recently HVC Capacitor received an inquiry from UK, It is famous company in industry of "static control anti-static and ESD protection" ,manufacture and supply a wide range of electrostatic products that provide anti-static and ESD protection and measurement, static generation, electrostatic control and elimination.They need high voltage ceramic disc capacitors to replace Murata item. (DECB33J221KC4B 6.3KV 220PF Y5P ,DHRB34C681M2BB 16KV 680PF, Y5P)
Reason: Murata is top famous Japanese high voltage capacitor manufacturer, their item with highest quality among industry. In 2018, Murata quited high voltage capacitor market, so existing customer urgently looking for same performance / same spec / footprint ceramic capacitor supplier.
Difficulty of project:
We know high voltage ceramic capacitor in static control circuit  is the same voltage multiplier, it is high voltage high frequency circuit. HF frequency like 20khz to 40khz working condition. Although Murata original item is Y5P class II ceramic capacitor , but it did can withstand medium class high frequency like 30 to 40khz. 
There will be a ripple current (peak voltage) during circuit on/off, this voltage will be 2.8 to 3 times of input voltage. for example, if input voltage is 6kv, peak voltage power on will be around 6x3=18kv.
Customer have tried other Y5P hv ceramic capacitor brand but fail. 
HVC Capacitor solution:
From pass experience, we know that Murata high voltage ceramic capacitor with good performance in high frequency working condition and also with a very high max withstand voltage, for example rated voltage :15kv 1000pf Y5P, extremely withstand voltage can up to 3 times to 45kv, so Murata setting a higher voltage margin to other competitor, while others withstand voltage only 2 times, or even less. So we understand Why murata's class II capacitor already can survival in voltage multiplier circuit, but other component may easily to fail. And other need to use class I capacitor like NPO, SL, UJ, N4700. Then can survival.
So HVC solution is using HVC's HVC-10KV-DL08-F10-221K (10KV 220pf N4700) to replace Murata DECB33J221KC4B 6.3KV 220PF Y5P.   Higher rated voltage item from 6kv to 10kv, and withstand voltage also with a 30% rise. Also using N4700 class I capacitor can withstand 30khz to 100khz high frequency condition , then the capacitor will not generate too much heat in 40khz. 
If capacitor can't withstand the HF, it will easily be too hot and all performance like capacitance, insulation resistance, dissipation factor will drive out.   And circuit may fail.

After customer testing HVC Capacitor's sample and start trial order and finally going to mass order.
And 3 years with no quality problem happen.
HVC Capacitor is emerging brand of high voltage ceramic capacitors and doorknob capacitors, production capability from 1kv to 70kv , with own patent ceramic dielectric and keeping high level performance, already as replacement and alternative for famous hv capacitor brand like Murata, Vishay, TDK. AVX. Check here find HVC's Murata HV capacitor replacement
HVC Capacitor also build up international distribution channel, and customer from Europe, USA, Korea, Japan all can purchase our item locally, including local payment and logistic service.
Check following for high voltage ceramic disc capacitor product datasheet.

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