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About Us

HVC Capacitor Manufacturing Co., Ltd. is an export operation brand and a Hong Kong-owned company that was established in January 2012. The company is associated with a Taiwan technology-based ceramic capacitor manufacturer that has over 20 years of production experience in this field. HVC's production plant is located in Dongguan Humen town. Currently, 95% of HVC Capacitor items are exported, with some products available in the Chinese domestic market.
HVC Capacitor specializes in producing both radial lead type ceramic disc capacitors (blue color) and screw terminal type ceramic capacitors. For ceramic disc type, the standard model ranges from 2kv to 50kv, with N4700 class ceramic dielectric (N4700 disc caps from 6KV to 40KV) being a major advantage. Disc type capacitors find primary applications in high-end medical equipment such as Medical X-ray machines, C-arm, DR(digital radiography), Dental X-ray, Security checks, NDT(Industrial Non-destructive testing), electrostatic precipitator, and negative Ion machines.
For screw terminal type capacitors, HVC Capacitor mostly uses N4700 ceramic dielectric with available voltage ranging from 10kv to 150kv and black color resin encapsulation. Key customers include GE (General Electric) Healthcare, Konica Minolta, Hitachi ABB, Nikon, Siemens, Johnson & Johnson, Baker Hughes, and many more. HVC Capacitor's screw terminal products are approved by several NASDAQ-listed medial companies.
HVC utilizes Chinese military-grade ceramic dielectric to build their capacitor, enabling fulfillment of foreign high-level quality standards. Since 2017, HVC Capacitor has successfully replaced Japanese competitor Murata and American brand Vishay, which they had left due to market exit or temporary shortage.
Apart from producing capacitors, HVC Capacitor also builds its high voltage diode and high voltage thick film resistor to meet customer requirements. One of the company's diodes is used to match up with high voltage ceramic capacitor to create a complete voltage multiplier circuit, an essential part of high voltage power supply. HVC's diode has already been approved by several European, USA, and Japanese clients.
HVC Capacitor has established an international distribution channel in advance industrial countries, such as Germany, France, the U.K., the U.S.A, Japan, Korea, India, and Russia. For the U.S.A market, the company cooperates with top distributors like AVNET, Bisco Industries, among others. HVC also has a Chinese domestic distributor to follow up on overseas own EMS/OEM customers in China.
HVC Capacitor is on a mission to become a well-known emerging brand in the high voltage component industry.






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