China Power Capacitor industry (investment) study(3)


China Power Capacitor industry (investment) study(3) Share


Section II China's power industry development status of the capacitor


In recent years, power capacitor industry is extremely rapid. Quality and quantity has been greatly improved, a considerable part of the dominant enterprises have begun to aspirations of international markets and has achieved impressive results. With the rapid development of power industry, technological progress and the reactive power compensation, energy loss reduction managed to strengthen the power capacitor manufacturers are facing unprecedented opportunities for development. The rapid expansion of market power capacitors, also led to many areas of high demand for power capacitors.


Table: China's current power capacitors of the mainstream products




Types of power capacitors

Complete sets of equipment consisting of

The main purpose


Shell-and high-voltage shunt capacitors

Group frame (or column, cabinet) high-voltage shunt capacitor devices, static type dynamic reactive power compensation device (static fill)

High-voltage reactive power compensation. Make rapid changes in static load cases for


Collection of high-voltage shunt capacitor

Collection of high-voltage shunt capacitor devices

High-voltage reactive power compensation (compact, covering Province)


Self-healing low voltage shunt capacitor

Automatic low-voltage reactive power compensation equipment cabinet

Low-voltage reactive power compensation


AC filter capacitor

AC filter device

Filter out high-order harmonic power, reactive power compensation of both


Series capacitor

Series capacitor compensation equipment

Transmission line series compensation


HVDC with Capacitor

AC-DC filter device for valve fittings

AC and DC line filter high harmonics are damped pressure converter valve


In recent years, a joint venture set up factories in China of famous foreign companies brought advanced

technology and equipment, promote technology and product development of key process equipment and

technology, introduction and localization of products in the field of power capacitors are effective. So far,

some of the leading companies in the industry process equipment, production lines have largely reached

the international advanced level,for now, the world's most advanced automatic winding machine components

have more than 20 units from the United States Hilton, and has been successively put into use in domestic

enterprises. Raise the overall level of industry, product variety, complete specifications and expand the domestic

market of capacitors has been able to fully satisfy the country's power industry and the requirements of other areas,

a small amount of product has been achieved export. According to incomplete statistics, at present the industry

with around 100 enterprises (including self-healing type low voltage shunt capacitor manufacturing plant about

70%) production capacity of 150 000 000 kvar so.


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