China Power Capacitor industry (investment) study(2)


China Power Capacitor industry (investment) study(2) Share


                                China Power Capacitor industry (investment) study(2)



(2) series capacitor: series in the high-frequency transmission and distribution lines, distribution lines to compensate for inductive reactance, increase system static and dynamic stability, improving the quality of the line voltage, longer transmission distance and increase transmission capacity. The basic structure is similar and parallel capacitors.


(3) coupling capacitors: mainly used for high-frequency high-voltage power line communication, measurement, control, protection and extraction device in energy use for parts. High-voltage coupling capacitor terminated on power lines on the low side through the coupling coil to ground, so that high-frequency carrier device at low voltage and high voltage transmission line coupling. Coupling capacitor and the steel shell from the porcelain base and cover made ​​of composition. Shell made ​​of thin steel plate that has the expander to compensate for the volume impregnation with temperature changes.


(4) Capacitors Circuit Breakers: formerly known as the grading capacitor. EHV circuit breaker used in parallel in both the fracture surface from the pressure effect, the voltage between the fracture process and breaking even when disconnected, and to improve the circuit breaker arc characteristics, improve the breaking capacity. Common capacitor circuit breaker is similar to the structure and coupling capacitors. With the development of high voltage ceramic capacitors, ceramic capacitors have been used as a capacitor element, and then into the porcelain shell made ​​of steel plate capacitor made ​​of circuit breakers.


(5) Electric capacitors: for a frequency of 40 ~ 24,000 Hz electric equipment systems to improve power factor, improve the circuit characteristics of voltage or frequency. Electric heat capacitor due to the larger, must ensure that its heat well, often using water cooling plate. For 4000 Hz or more electric capacitor, with its brass plate welded shell.


(6) Pulse Capacitors: energy storage from the main role in the longer period of time not by the power supply charge, and then in a very short period of time for oscillation to oscillation or discharge, a great impact on available power. Pulse capacitor is widely used, for example, as impulse voltage generator, the impact of the current generator, the oscillation circuit breaker testing with the basic (energy storage) devices.


(7) and filter capacitor DC: For high voltage DC devices and high-voltage rectifier filter device. AC filter capacitor can be used to filter out the high frequency current harmonics.


(8) Standard capacitor: For high-frequency dielectric loss measurement circuit, capacitance or used as a standard measurement of high voltage capacitor divider unit. Standard capacitor capacitance value required accurate and stable, and therefore often used double-shielded coaxial gas medium and cylindrical and concentric spherical electrode system. 

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