2008-2012China Power Capacitor industry investment study(1)


2008-2012China Power Capacitor industry investment study(1)


Chapter Overview of China Power Capacitor Industry

Section power capacitor main purpose of classification and

Power capacitors for power systems and electrical equipment capacitors. Characterized by high power, high voltage, low frequency, so the volume is huge. 1926 power capacitors began factory production, and formally in power system applications. With the large power plants and the establishment of long-distance transmission system, the development of emerging science and technology, the variety and capacity of power capacitors have been developed rapidly. The early 1950s, the largest single shunt capacitor capacity of 25 to 50 kvar to 1978 produced the largest single capacity has reached 6667 kvar, 80 years has reached thousands of lack of capacity of a single one. At present, the power capacitor is moving towards higher capacity.


Many different types of power capacitors, its installation can be divided into two kinds of indoor and outdoor; its rated operating voltage can be divided into two types of low and high pressure; its number of phases can be divided into single-phase and three phase two, In addition to low-voltage shunt capacitors, the rest are single-phase; its shell material can be divided into metal, ceramic insulated shell, bakelite tube shell, etc.; their use can be divided into the following 8.



(1) parallel capacitor: formerly known as phase-shifting capacitor. Power system is mainly used to compensate the reactive power inductive load to improve power factor, improve voltage quality and reduce line losses. Single-phase shunt capacitor mainly by heart sons, housing and outlet structure composed of several parts. Metal foil (as plate) with paper or plastic film insulation layer together with the winding, the number of components, insulation and fasteners and press-fit through the composition capacitor heart sons, and impregnated with insulating oil. The capacitor plates of lead through the series and parallel to the qualifying lead after the bottom of the outlet pipe connection porcelain pieces. Capacitor metal case filled with dielectric oil.



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