• Professional High Voltage Ceramic Capacitor Manufacturer
Professional High Voltage Ceramic Capacitor Manufacturer

Professional High Voltage Ceramic Capacitor Manufacturer

  • Description:HVC Capacitor is professional ceramic disc capacitor manufacturer.
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HVC Capacitor Manufacturing Co.,Ltd is professional high voltage ceramic capacitors

manufacturer who already work with FORTUNE 500 company like PHILIPS, GE. TOSHIBA,

HITACHI, SONY, KODAK , and SIEMENS medical department.(X-RAY, CT ,MRI).



Detail part number please click:



Purchasing guideline like following:

1)Replacement for famous brands: Vishay,Murata,TDK,Panasonic,HVCA...Please provide

full partnumber and qty you need,our engineer will help select HVC's existing item or

custom made item,mail  to ,we send you datasheet and free sample

for testing.

2)For new developing project : please provide rated working voltage,testing voltage

need ,ceramic material(like Y5T,Y5U,N4700,optional),tolerance ,capacitance,body diameter,

lead spacing(optional),and working condition(like X ray,Voltage multipler),mail to,we send you datasheet and free sample for testing.



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