HVC Capacitor distribution partner in Germany -- Amec GmbH


HVC Capacitor distribution partner in Germany -- Amec GmbH

HVC Capacitor start business corporation with Amec Gmbh in 2013. During these years Amec work very close with HVC Capacitor to provide Chinese make high voltage ceramic capacitor, doorknob capacitor to end customer in German and nearby country, Including Fortune 500 companies in Xray, NDT, power electricity and many more. Amec now become HVC's biggest distributor in European market. It is helping HVC brand known by Fortune 500 company like NIKON, ABB and BHGE and many others. Local visiting, local service let customer enjoy doing business within Europe, we believe this is quite important especially for large companies. 

Amec Gmbh also specialized in diode,MOSFET/IGBT, Vinatech Super capacitors, CODACA inductor, PILKOR film capacitor,OLED display
if customer also interest in this product, kindly check https://www.amec-gmbh.de/produkte 

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