HVC Capacitor distribution partner in Germany -- MIRA Kondensatoren GmbH


HVC Capacitor distribution partner in Germany -- MIRA Kondensatoren GmbH

MIRA Kondensatoren GmbH is one of HVC Capacitors longest distribution partner in Europe. We have been doing business since 2009.
and MIRA is also first company to promote Vishay's capacitor replacement in German market. Mira has built the first product image to
European manufacturing customer. and let them know there is also good choice ceramic capacitor from far east. And performance is also well.

 Thanks to Mrs. Andrea Fonas and Mr. Thomas Gampe, HVC Capacitor and relate product now become more famous in German market.
HVC Capacitor will cooperate with MIRA Kondersatoren to another 10 years and business may sure be growing between two party.


MIRA Kondensatoren GmbH is top professional electronic component distributor located near Stuttgart, with more than 20 years of
industry experience. MIRA Kondensatoren specialized in different kinds of capacitors, including motor run capacitor, lighting capacitor, power capacitor and e-caps, tantalum caps. MIRA also build own name motor run capacitors which is quite popular in German local market. Interested customer can check following to visit them  

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Contact: Sales Department

Phone: +86 13689553728

Tel: +86-755-61167757

Email: [email protected]

Add: 9B2, TianXiang Building, Tianan Cyber Park , Futian, Shenzhen, P. R. C