HVC Capacitor distribution partner in France -- Etronics


HVC Capacitor distribution partner in France -- Etronics

 "Since 1979, Etronics has been sourcing the best electronic components around the world. HVC Capacitor started its business collaboration with Etronics in 2017. Since their last visit in Shenzhen in 2019, the Etronics team was able to strengthen its relationship with HVC Capacitor to efficiently provide the French market, and by extension other European countries, with high voltage ceramic capacitors, doorknob capacitors, diodes,  other high-end products. 

Etronics is mainly offering quality alternatives to Murata, AVK, Vishay, TDK products. Weither it's a well-know reference or a customized request, Etronics is able to answer all your needs with a list of 800 cross-references. For more information, please visit https://www.etronics.fr/condensateurs

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