HV Ceramic Disc Cap 40KV 3300pf (40KV 332M)


1. High rated voltage 40KV, 3300pf 2. Dielectric strength at 150% rated voltage3. Low dissipation factor at 1%4. Y5T

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Product Description: High Voltage CapacitorCapacitor, Capacitorshv capacitorcapasitorvoltage capacitorcapacitor high voltagecapacitors high voltage


Application: CT Scanner, Dust collector, Dust Collection Systems, Electrostatic Generator, Electrostatic Machines, Static Electricity Generator


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What should be noticed when disposing broken-down capacitors?

Because two poles of capacitor will still have residual charge, it should be discharge first, or electric shock will happen. When disposing broken-down capacitors, first, pull open breaker and isolating switch of capacitor bank, if need fuse protection, the fuse tube should be taken down at the beginning. Through capacitor discharges itself by discharging resistor, there are still some residual charges, so it needs manual discharging. First, fix the earth terminal to the grounding net, then use grounding rod to discharge the capacitor several times until no spark and no discharge noise, finally fixe the ground wire. Meanwhile, it should also be noticed that if capacitors have broken line, blown fuse or bad connected lead internal, its two poles may be still have residual charge even after automatic discharge or manual discharge. Therefore, maintenance personnel should wear insulated gloves before touching faulty capacitors, also use short-circuit line to discharge the capacitors. In addition, capacitors in series should be discharged separately.