Overview of ceramic capacitors 1


Overview of ceramic capacitors 1

1900 Italian L. Lombardo Difa Ming, ceramic dielectric capacitors. It was discovered in the late 1930s to add titanate ceramics can grow exponentially dielectric constant, and thus create a cheaper ceramic dielectric capacitors.

1940 after it was found that the principal raw materials are ceramic capacitors BaTiO3 (barium titanate) having an insulating property after the start of the ceramic capacitor in the electronic device which both small, and high accuracy requirements of the military. While ceramic the laminations capacitor in around 1960 began to develop as a commodity. In 1970, with the progress of the hybrid IC, computer, and portable electronic devices also will develop rapidly, and become indispensable components in electronic equipment. The total number of ceramic dielectric capacitor accounting for about 70% of the capacitor market.

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