Different Dielectric Materials, Different Prices


Different Dielectric Materials, Different Prices

Ceramic capacitors of high voltage 35KV 2200pf, a wide dispersal of the different materials!


Different materials, different prices, that nobody understands.However, when the price difference of 10 times or so, how treat?Customers have told me: Morgan, there are providers that offer Fengyun high voltage ceramic capacitor is 3.8 Yuan.But you is reported material N4700 high-voltage capacitors, the price of $42 the gap is too big, please help me to explain!


It turned out that the use of high-voltage customers of ceramic capacitors as components of the generator high voltage on the capacitor to use 2200PF nominal, nominal capacity 35 kv tension, 25 mm in diameter.Price was 3.8 Yuan.Material for the Y5V.Its use within one month after the failure of a capacitor discovery will be the case.Let cf:





As you can see in the table above, the insulation resistance is the largest high-voltage N4700 material, the worst performance capacitors, must belong to Y5U or Y5V above.Difference of 20 times insulation resistance.Insulation resistance superior to the current capacity of the largest, therefore, from the current perspective, is clearly good N4700 material.


On the other hand, also you can see in the table with the dielectric loss, material N4700 of high voltage ceramic capacitors, Y5V or Y5U loss of less than 10 times.This explains the N4700 done much better stability.


The other is the characteristic features of temperature, speed Y5V or maximum change Y5U can go to - 55 to - 80%, compared to 20%, this is a very scary fact N4700.A rate of change, in fact, the work on the line, there will be an error in the situation.


Finally, Let's analyse the appropriate dimensions.Before the guests that suppliers are Y5V, and diameter of 16 ~ mm or less.Our product is N4700, the diameter of 32 mm.The double of the volume.


Choose a capacitor, to determine if it is appropriate for their products, it must be the same as the HVC to previous parameters that contrasts with the serious, serious analysis of analysis.The price is not that the key is that it cannot be used.Take N4700 of high-voltage capacitor ceramic with Y5V price over not just to the same degree, more importantly, have a completely out of its own requirements for the comparison of prices of products N4700, which are not comparable, if, are unsure please puedeser compared with the normal use of the products.Guests is recommended based on the above analysis, it is best to use the material of the N4700, if we take into account the cost, to take into account the difference is not large Y5T that all aspects of the two parameters are similar, but with justice the Y5T precioaceptable for 35KV2200PF for example, the price should be around $30, so the price is acceptable.


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