Introduction of 40kV 500PF high voltage ceramic capacitors


Introduction of 40kV 500PF high voltage ceramic capacitors

This capacitor of high-voltage ceramic, according to the different products used to analyze how the selection of appropriate quality and prices appropriate, capacitors of high-voltage ceramic, with respect to 40kV 500PF for example.


According to our high quality standards, which now produces high-voltage ceramic capacitor is N4700 material.This material is characterized by the product of the great features of high frequency, and the coefficient of temperature, resistance to small. Therefore, this material was used in the world most advanced intelligent network technology.10 year warranty, lifetime of 20 years, is its greatest feature.


Therefore, 40KV500PF high voltage ceramic capacitors, as raw material in this N4700, the price of the final product is? Currently, the price of national unity material N4700 capacitor of 86 Yuan.After the dealer hands, the price may be higher.This product uses the intelligent electricity grid up is, without doubt, there is no problem, PD can guarantee zero.


However, some people will say: 86 Yuan, the price is too expensive now! Almost half!

Yes, if you use the high-voltage generator, the price is only half far enough. Since the generator high voltage above and less than a good product, the cost is too high, a little waste. Therefore, the following two different materials and recommended high voltage ceramic capacitors, Y5T Y5V and pottery - 40kV 500PF high voltage capacitors.


Currently, a number of high-voltage of the generator high voltage ceramic capacitors customers, mostly Y5U, Y5V or Y5P. The coefficient of temperature of these materials, by which the changes of temperature, the attenuation of capacity, so that the life of the product becomes shorter.If you are using is not very common, it is not very high, for example, just do some trial download, then I need a very expensive product, many customers choose these materials for products of high voltage on the capacitor.40KV500PF, as well as the price of 40 Yuan.


Y5T, temperature coefficient material is relatively good, a bit about the material N4700 of great stability of performance, in relative terms, if some of the requirements of long-life products, is necessary to choose this product, and is neither so expensive N4700, which is then exceeds Y5P other materials, long life, good stability.So do not take into account costs, prices are moderate, chose to Y5T it! Watch the price of $50.


High-voltage capacitors of HV generator is required mainly voltage DC high- and large-capacity, so there is not a complex energy system both.Of course, the price can vary widely. Therefore, when choosing a product, don't forget to tell the actuary or an engineer: we will use in the intelligent network or a power system, we will use the high pressure generator! Ultimately, determines the price of Oh!... from Oh!...

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