HVC Capacitor Extend Voltage handling to 100KV, higher than Vishay, TDK


HVC Capacitor Extend Voltage handling to 100KV, higher than Vishay, TDK

HVC Capacitor has extended its HVCT8G series screw terminal mounting type high voltage ceramic disc capacitors to voltage over 100kv. Which is only available manufacturer to offer doorknob capacitor in 100kv 500pf, 100kv 825pf, 100kv 1000pf, 120kv 1000pf, 150kv 800pf etc.

Other famous doorknob capacitor manufacturer offer maximum spec “50kv 1700pf” to the market, like TDK’s UHV-12A ,and Vishay’s 715C50KTD17,both in diameter of 60mm.

Customer may interest deep in this topic.

1) Can Vishay and TDK build capacitor higher than “50KV 1700pf” ?

Answer is yes, by HVC Capacitor’s experience, using N4700 ceramic dielectric ,in mold size 60mm ,max value to build is 50KV 3300pf, but this need to use high K Dielectric constant N4700. but production yield rate is not high. So for keeping a stable yield rate and maintain lower production cost, Vishay and TDK only put 50kv 1700pf in their catalogue,but not higher spec. 

In the same reason, Vishay and TDK also able to build 60kv , 70kv, 100kv capacitor, but those spec they also not able to maintain a predicable production lead time. 

TDK doorknob capacitor lead time now around 18 weeks and Vishay 715 series doorknob lead time up from 28 weeks. Due to Covid19 and supply chain reason, many famous electronic manufacture has extend their lead time and cause many customer production line in shut down. 

HVC Capacitor keeping top level production lead time in 5 to 6 weeks, even for large qty order and 100kv item, production lead time still keep in 6 weeks.  

2) How does HVC Capacitor to build this 100kv capacitors, or even 120kv and 150kv.

HVC use build-in double ceramic disc and implements parallel and series modes and potted the whole product.This production way is far more complicate than making standard single chip high voltage ceramic capacitors. More time-consuming and require more manual cost.This is why Vishay and TDK, AVX unwilling to produce 100kv capacitors.

3) Advantage of using higher voltage capacitor in single capacitor but not using series connection.

Recently HVC Capacitor have build single one “120kv 1000pf” doorknob capacitor to replace 3pcs of TDK’s UHV-9A “40kv 2000pf” capacitor for famous UK power supply manufacturer. Customer’s original capacitor size is diameter 60mm and total length is 3x32=96mm, but HVC’s 120kv 1000pf size only 57mm. So single capacitor can keeping a smallest space.
3 pcs of “40kv 2000pf” customer only can get a total 120kv 667pf, but HVC’s single item can build 120kv 1000pf. Which provide 50% more capacitance into circuit.Less connection parts means saving space and less trouble. 

4) Who is the major buyer to buy 100kv capacitors.

Only very top world class electronic manufacture may using 100kv item in their R&D project. Like Nikon, Siemens. Using less quantity doorknob capacitor but single caps in higher spec, can simplify their circuit, and higher voltage capacitor can provide a longer trouble free time. 

5) Can HVC Capacitor as alternative of Vishay, TDK or obsolete Murata , AVX ?  

The answer is yes, HVC Capacitor already well replacing other famous doorknob capacitor brand like Murata , TDK, Vishay , AVX. And famous end user like GE healthcare, Siemens ,NIKON, Konica minolta, Johnson and Johnson and many more, kindly check following for more replacement detail. https://www.hv-caps.com/HV-Screw-Terminal-Capacitor/hv-screw-terminal-capacitor_169.html  

End customer looking for a higher available capacitor spec, short lead time in 5 to 6 weeks. Internationally approval manufacturer, can try HVC Capacitor.

Following listing Vishay and TDK’s doorknob capacitor regular part number, HVC Capacitor able to offer alternative and replacement item.

715C10KTT56 —- HVC item:HVCT8G-10KV-DL30-561K(10KV 560PF N4700)
715C10KTT68 —- HVC item:HVCT8G-10KV-DL30-681K(10KV 680PF N4700)
715C10KTT82 —- HVC item:HVCT8G-10KV-DL30-821K(10KV 820PF N4700)
715C10KTD10 —- HVC item:HVCT8G-10KV-DL30-102K(10KV 1000PF N4700)
715C10KTD12 —- HVC item:HVCT8G-10KV-DL30-122K(10KV 1200PF N4700)
715C10KTD18 —- HVC item:HVCT8G-10KV-DL30-182K(10KV 1800PF N4700)
715C10KTD22 —- HVC item:HVCT8G-10KV-DL30-222K(10KV 2200PF N4700)
715C10KTD28 —- HVC item:HVCT8G-10KV-DL30-282K(10KV 2800PF N4700)
715C10KTD39 —- HVC item:HVCT8G-10KV-DL45-392K(10KV 3900PF N4700)
715C10KTD50 —- HVC item:HVCT8G-10KV-DL55-502K(10KV 5000PF N4700)
715C10KTD68 —- HVC item:HVCT8G-10KV-DL55-682K(10KV 6800PF N4700)
715C10KTD80 —- HVC item:HVCT8G-10KV-DL60-800K(10KV 8200PF N4700)
715C15KTT37 —- HVC item:HVCT8G-15KV-DL30-371K(15KV 370PF N4700)
715C15KTT56 —- HVC item:HVCT8G-15KV-DL30-561K(15KV 560PF N4700) 
715C15KTT75 —- HVC item:HVCT8G-15KV-DL30-751K(15KV 750PF N4700) 
715C15KTD10 —- HVC item:HVCT8G-15KV-DL32-102K(15KV 1000PF N4700) 
715C15KTD11 —- HVC item:HVCT8G-15KV-DL32-112K(15KV 1100PF N4700) 
715C15KTD15 —- HVC item:HVCT8G-15KV-DL38-152K(15KV 1500PF N4700) 
715C15KTD19 —- HVC item:HVCT8G-15KV-DL38-192K(15KV 1900PF N4700) 
715C15KTD27 —- HVC item:HVCT8G-15KV-DL45-272K(15KV 27000PF N4700) 
715C15KTD33 —- HVC item:HVCT8G-15KV-DL48-332K(15KV 3300PF N4700) 
715C15KTD34 —- HVC item:HVCT8G-15KV-DL52-342K(15KV 3400PF N4700) 
715C15KTD47 —- HVC item:HVCT8G-15KV-DL56-472K(15KV 4700PF N4700) 
715C15KTD53 —- HVC item:HVCT8G-15KV-DL60-532K(15KV 5300PF N4700) 
715C20KTT20 —- HVC item:HVCT8G-20KV-DL30-201K(20KV 200PF N4700)     
715C20KTT28 —- HVC item:HVCT8G-20KV-DL30-281K(20KV 280PF N4700)     
715C20KTT40 —- HVC item:HVCT8G-20KV-DL30-401K(20KV 400PF N4700)     
715C20KTT56 —- HVC item:HVCT8G-20KV-DL30-561K(20KV 560PF N4700)     
715C20KTT70 —- HVC item:HVCT8G-20KV-DL30-701K(20KV 700PF N4700)     
715C20KTT88 —- HVC item:HVCT8G-20KV-DL30-881K(20KV 8800PF N4700)
715C20KTD10 —- HVC item:HVCT8G-20KV-DL30-102K(20KV 1000PF N4700)
715C20KTD14 —- HVC item:HVCT8G-20KV-DL40-142K(20KV 1400PF N4700)
715C20KTD17 —- HVC item:HVCT8G-20KV-DL45-172K(20KV 1700PF N4700)
715C20KTD22 —- HVC item:HVCT8G-20KV-DL45-222K(20KV 2200PF N4700)
715C20KTD25 —- HVC item:HVCT8G-20KV-DL50-252K(20KV 2500PF N4700)
715C20KTD33 —- HVC item:HVCT8G-20KV-DL55-332K(20KV 3300PF N4700)
715C20KTD40 —- HVC item:HVCT8G-20KV-DL60-402K(20KV 4000PF N4700)
715C30KTT19 —- HVC item:HVCT8G-30KV-DL30-191K(30KV 190PF N4700)
715C30KTT20 —- HVC item:HVCT8G-30KV-DL30-201K(30KV 200PF N4700) 
715C30KTT33 —- HVC item:HVCT8G-30KV-DL30-331K(30KV 330PF N4700) 
715C30KTT40 —- HVC item:HVCT8G-30KV-DL30-401K(30KV 400PF N4700) 
715C30KTT59 —- HVC item:HVCT8G-30KV-DL30-591K(30KV 590PF N4700) 
715C30KTT70 —- HVC item:HVCT8G-30KV-DL40-701K(30KV 700PF N4700)
715C30KTT94 —- HVC item:HVCT8G-30KV-DL40-941K(30KV 940PF N4700)
715C30KTD12 —- HVC item:HVCT8G-30KV-DL45-122K(30KV 1200PF N4700)
715C30KTD15 —- HVC item:HVCT8G-30KV-DL50-152K(30KV 1500PF N4700)
715C30KTD17 —- HVC item:HVCT8G-30KV-DL50-172K(30KV 1700PF N4700)
715C30KTD22 —- HVC item:HVCT8G-30KV-DL55-222K(30KV 2200PF N4700)
715C30KTD27 —- HVC item:HVCT8G-30KV-DL60-272K(30KV 2700PF N4700)
715C40KTT10 —- HVC item:HVCT8G-40KV-DL30-101K(40KV 100PF N4700)
715C40KTT14 —- HVC item:HVCT8G-40KV-DL30-141K(40KV 140PF N4700) 
715C40KTT20 —- HVC item:HVCT8G-40KV-DL30-201K(40KV 200PF N4700) 
715C40KTT30 —- HVC item:HVCT8G-40KV-DL30-301K(40KV 300PF N4700) 
715C40KTT40 —- HVC item:HVCT8G-40KV-DL30-401K(40KV 400PF N4700) 
715C40KTT44 —- HVC item:HVCT8G-40KV-DL30-441K(40KV 440PF N4700) 
715C40KTT56 —- HVC item:HVCT8G-40KV-DL40-561K(40KV 560PF N4700) 
715C40KTT70 —- HVC item:HVCT8G-40KV-DL40-701K(40KV 700PF N4700) 
715C40KTT85 —- HVC item:HVCT8G-40KV-DL45-851K(40KV 850PF N4700) 
715C40KTD10 —- HVC item:HVCT8G-40KV-DL45-102K(40KV 1000PF N4700) 
715C40KTD13 —- HVC item:HVCT8G-40KV-DL50-132K(40KV 1300PF N4700)
715C40KTD15 —- HVC item:HVCT8G-40KV-DL50-152K(40KV 1500PF N4700) 
715C40KTD20 —- HVC item:HVCT8G-40KV-DL60-202K(40KV 2000PF N4700) 
715C50KTT10 —- HVC item:HVCT8G-50KV-DL30-101K(50KV 100PF N4700)
715C50KTT20 —- HVC item:HVCT8G-50KV-DL30-201K(50KV 200PF N4700) 
715C50KTT33 —- HVC item:HVCT8G-50KV-DL30-331K(50KV 330PF N4700)
715C50KTT40 —- HVC item:HVCT8G-50KV-DL30-401K(50KV 400PF N4700) 
715C50KTT47 —- HVC item:HVCT8G-50KV-DL40-471K(50KV 470PF N4700) 
715C50KTT56 —- HVC item:HVCT8G-50KV-DL40-561K(50KV 560PF N4700)  
715C50KTT70 —- HVC item:HVCT8G-50KV-DL45-701K(50KV 700PF N4700) 
715C50KTT85 —- HVC item:HVCT8G-50KV-DL45-851K(50KV 850PF N4700) 
715C50KTD10 —- HVC item:HVCT8G-50KV-DL50-102K(50KV 1000PF N4700) 
715C50KTD13 —- HVC item:HVCT8G-50KV-DL55-132K(50KV 1300PF N4700) 
715C50KTD15 —- HVC item:HVCT8G-50KV-DL55-152K(50KV 1500PF N4700) 
715C50KTD17 —- HVC item:HVCT8G-50KV-DL60-172K(50KV 1700PF N4700)
715C10DKS10 —- HVC item:HVCT8G-10KV-E45-103M(10KV 10000PF Y5U)
715C10DKS20 —- HVC item:HVCT8G-10KV-E55-203K(10KV 20000PF Y5U) 
715C15DKD15 —- HVC item:HVCT8G-15KV-E30-152M(15KV 1500PF Y5U)
715C15DKD20 —- HVC item:HVCT8G-15KV-E40-202M(15KV 2000PF Y5U)
715C15DKD33 —- HVC item:HVCT8G-15KV-E45-332M(15KV 3300PF Y5U)
715C15DKD47 —- HVC item:HVCT8G-15KV-E30-472M(15KV 4700PF Y5U)
715C15DKS10 —- HVC item:HVCT8G-15KV-E45-103M(15KV 10000PF Y5U)
715C20DKT50 —- HVC item:HVCT8G-20KV-E30-501M(20KV 500PF Y5U)
715C20DKD10 —- HVC item:HVCT8G-20KV-E30-102M(20KV 1000PF Y5U)
715C20DKD13 —- HVC item:HVCT8G-20KV-E40-132M(20KV 1300PF Y5U)
715C20DKD25 —- HVC item:HVCT8G-20KV-E45-252M(20KV 2500PF Y5U)
715C20DKD33 —- HVC item:HVCT8G-20KV-E45-332M(20KV 3300PF Y5U)
715C20DKD47 —- HVC item:HVCT8G-20KV-E55-472M(20KV 4700PF Y5U)
715C20DKD68 —- HVC item:HVCT8G-20KV-E60-682M(20KV 6800PF Y5U)
715C30DKT50 —- HVC item:HVCT8G-30KV-E45-501M(30KV 500PF Y5U)
715C30DKD10 —- HVC item:HVCT8G-30KV-E45-102M(30KV 1000PF Y5U)
715C30DKD25 —- HVC item:HVCT8G-30KV-E45-252M(30KV 2500PF Y5U)
715C30DKD33 —- HVC item:HVCT8G-30KV-E45-332M(30KV 3300PF Y5U)
715C30DKD47 —- HVC item:HVCT8G-30KV-E60-472M(30KV 4700PF Y5U)
715C40DKT30 —- HVC item:HVCT8G-40KV-E30-301M(40KV 300PF Y5U)
715C40DKT50 —- HVC item:HVCT8G-40KV-E30-501M(40KV 500PF Y5U)
715C40DKT78 —- HVC item:HVCT8G-40KV-E45-781M(40KV 780PF Y5U)
715C40DKD10 —- HVC item:HVCT8G-40KV-E45-102M(40KV 1000PF Y5U) 
715C40DKD16 —- HVC item:HVCT8G-40KV-E45-162M(40KV 1600PF Y5U) 
715C40DKD25 —- HVC item:HVCT8G-40KV-E55-252M(40KV 2500PF Y5U) 
715C40DKD33 —- HVC item:HVCT8G-40KV-E60-332M(40KV 3300PF Y5U)

Axial lead 660 series:

660R10AZT47 —- HVC item:HVCT9G-10KV-DL30-471K(10KV 470PF N4700)
660R10AZD10 —- HVC item:HVCT9G-10KV-DL30-102K(10KV 1000PF N4700) 
660R10AZD20 —- HVC item:HVCT9G-10KV-DL30-202K(10KV 2000PF N4700) 
660R10ACT18 —- HVC item:HVCT9G-10KV-X30-181K(10KV 180PF X7R)
660R10ACT22 —- HVC item:HVCT9G-10KV-X30-221K(10KV 220PF X7R) 
660R10ACT33 —- HVC item:HVCT9G-10KV-X30-331K(10KV 330PF X7R) 
660R10ACT47 —- HVC item:HVCT9G-10KV-X30-471K(10KV 470PF X7R) 
660R10ACT68 —- HVC item:HVCT9G-10KV-X30-681K(10KV 680PF X7R) 
660R10ACD10 —- HVC item:HVCT9G-10KV-X30-102K(10KV 1000PF X7R) 
660R10ACD15 —- HVC item:HVCT9G-10KV-X30-152K(10KV 1500PF X7R) 
660R10ACD22 —- HVC item:HVCT9G-10KV-X30-222K(10KV 2200PF X7R) 
660R10ACD33 —- HVC item:HVCT9G-10KV-X30-332K(10KV 3300PF X7R) 
660R10ACD47 —- HVC item:HVCT9G-10KV-X40-472K(10KV 4700PF X7R) 
660R10AED15 —- HVC item:HVCT9G-10KV-E30-152M(10KV 1500PF Z5U)
660R10AED22 —- HVC item:HVCT9G-10KV-E30-222M(10KV 2200PF Z5U) 
660R10AED33 —- HVC item:HVCT9G-10KV-E30-332M(10KV 3300PF Z5U) 
660R10AED47 —- HVC item:HVCT9G-10KV-E30-472M(10KV 4700PF Z5U) 
660R10AED68 —- HVC item:HVCT9G-10KV-E40-682M(10KV 6800PF Z5U)
660R10AES10 —- HVC item:HVCT9G-10KV-E40-103M(10KV 10000PF Z5U) 
660R15AZT39 —- HVC item:HVCT9G-15KV-DL30-391M(15KV 390PF N4700)
660R15AZT82 —- HVC item:HVCT9G-15KV-DL30-821M(15KV 820PF N4700)  
660R15AZD15 —- HVC item:HVCT9G-15KV-DL40-152M(10KV 1500PF N4700)  
660R15ACT10 —- HVC item:HVCT9G-15KV-X30-101M(15KV 100PF X7R) 
660R15ACT22 —- HVC item:HVCT9G-15KV-X30-221M(15KV 220PF X7R)  
660R15ACT33 —- HVC item:HVCT9G-15KV-X30-331M(15KV 330PF X7R)  
660R15ACT47 —- HVC item:HVCT9G-15KV-X30-471M(15KV 470PF X7R)  
660R15ACT68 —- HVC item:HVCT9G-15KV-X30-681M(15KV 680PF X7R)  
660R15ACD10 —- HVC item:HVCT9G-15KV-X30-102M(15KV 1000PF X7R)  
660R15ACD15 —- HVC item:HVCT9G-15KV-X30-152M(15KV 1500PF X7R)  
660R15ACD22 —- HVC item:HVCT9G-15KV-X30-222M(15KV 2200PF X7R)  
660R15ACD33 —- HVC item:HVCT9G-15KV-X40-332M(15KV 3300PF X7R)  
660R15ACD39 —- HVC item:HVCT9G-15KV-X40-392M(15KV 3900PF X7R )  
660R15AED10 —- HVC item:HVCT9G-15KV-E30-102M(15KV 1000PF Z5U) 
660R15AED15 —- HVC item:HVCT9G-15KV-E30-152M(15KV 1500PF Z5U)  
660R15AED22 —- HVC item:HVCT9G-15KV-E30-222M(15KV 2200PF Z5U)  
660R15AED33 —- HVC item:HVCT9G-15KV-E30-332M(15KV 3300PF Z5U)  
660R15AED47 —- HVC item:HVCT9G-15KV-E30-472M(15KV 4700PF Z5U)  
660R15AED68 —- HVC item:HVCT9G-15KV-E40-682M(15KV 6800PF Z5U)   
660R20AZT22 —- HVC item:HVCT9G-20KV-DL30-221K(20KV 220PF N4700)  
660R20AZT68 —- HVC item:HVCT9G-20KV-DL30-681K(20KV 680PF N4700)   
660R20AZD10 —- HVC item:HVCT9G-20KV-DL30-102M(20KV 1000PF N4700)   
660R20ACT10 —- HVC item:HVCT9G-20KV-X30-101M(20KV 100PF X7R)  
660R20ACT22 —- HVC item:HVCT9G-20KV-X30-221M(20KV 220PF X7R)   
660R20ACT33 —- HVC item:HVCT9G-20KV-X30-331M(20KV 330PF X7R)   
660R20ACT47 —- HVC item:HVCT9G-20KV-X30-471M(20KV 470PF X7R)   
660R20ACT68 —- HVC item:HVCT9G-20KV-X30-681M(20KV 680PF X7R)   
660R20ACD10 —- HVC item:HVCT9G-20KV-X30-102M(20KV 1000PF X7R)   
660R20ACD15 —- HVC item:HVCT9G-20KV-X30-152M(20KV 1500PF X7R)   
660R20ACD22 —- HVC item:HVCT9G-20KV-X40-222M(20KV 2200PF X7R)   
660R20ACD25 —- HVC item:HVCT9G-20KV-X40-252M(20KV 2500PF X7R)   
660R20ACD27 —- HVC item:HVCT9G-20KV-X40-272M(20KV 2700PF X7R)   
660R20AET68 —- HVC item:HVCT9G-20KV-E30-681M(20KV 680PF Z5U)  
660R20AED10 —- HVC item:HVCT9G-20KV-E30-102M(20KV 1000PF Z5U)  
660R20AED15 —- HVC item:HVCT9G-20KV-DL30-152M(20KV 1500PF Z5U)   
660R20AED22 —- HVC item:HVCT9G-20KV-DL30-222M(20KV 2200PF Z5U)   
660R20AED33 —- HVC item:HVCT9G-20KV-DL30-332M(20KV 3300PF Z5U)   
660R20AED47 —- HVC item:HVCT9G-20KV-DL40-472M(20KV 4700PF Z5U)   
660R20AED50 —- HVC item:HVCT9G-20KV-DL40-502M(20KV 5000PF Z5U)   
660R30AZT18 —- HVC item:HVCT9G-30KV-DL30-181K(30KV 180PF N4700) 
660R30AZT47 —- HVC item:HVCT9G-30KV-DL30-471K(30KV 470PF N4700)  
660R30AZT68 —- HVC item:HVCT9G-30KV-DL30-681K(30KV 680PF N4700)  
660R30ACT10 —- HVC item:HVCT9G-30KV-X30-101M(30KV 100PF X7R) 
660R30ACT22 —- HVC item:HVCT9G-30KV-X30-221M(30KV 220PF X7R)  
660R30ACT33 —- HVC item:HVCT9G-30KV-X30-331K(30KV 330PF X7R)  
660R30ACT47 —- HVC item:HVCT9G-30KV-X30-471K(30KV 470PF X7R)  
660R30ACT68 —- HVC item:HVCT9G-30KV-X30-681K(30KV 680PF X7R)  
660R30ACD10 —- HVC item:HVCT9G-30KV-X30-102M(30KV 1000PF X7R)  
660R30ACD15 —- HVC item:HVCT9G-30KV-X40-152M(30KV 1500PF X7R)  
660R30ACD20 —- HVC item:HVCT9G-30KV-X40-202M(30KV 2000PF X7R)  
660R30AET47 —- HVC item:HVCT9G-30KV-E30-471M(30KV 470PF Z5U) 
660R30AET68 —- HVC item:HVCT9G-30KV-E30-681M(30KV 680PF Z5U)  
660R30AET82 —- HVC item:HVCT9G-30KV-E30-821M(30KV 820PF Z5U)  
660R30AED10 —- HVC item:HVCT9G-30KV-E30-102M(30KV 1000PF Z5U)  
660R30AED12 —- HVC item:HVCT9G-30KV-E30-122M(30KV 1200PF Z5U)  
660R30AED15 —- HVC item:HVCT9G-30KV-E30-152M(30KV 1500PF Z5U)  
660R30AED18 —- HVC item:HVCT9G-30KV-E40-182M(30KV 1800PF Z5U)  
660R30AED20 —- HVC item:HVCT9G-30KV-E40-202M(30KV 2000PF Z5U)  
660R30AED22 —- HVC item:HVCT9G-30KV-E40-222M(30KV 2200PF Z5U)  
660R30AED25 —- HVC item:HVCT9G-30KV-E40-252M(30KV 2500PF Z5U)  
660R30AED30 —- HVC item:HVCT9G-30KV-E40-302M(30KV 3000PF Z5U)  
660R30AED33 —- HVC item:HVCT9G-30KV-E40-332M(30KV 3300PF Z5U)

TDK doorknob capacitors PN. Listing:

TSF-40C 20KVAC 1080
TSF-30 20KVAC 400
FD-9A 10KVAC 100
FD-10A 10KVAC 250
FD-11A 10KVAC 500
FD-12A 10KVAC 1000
FD-16A 13KVAC 250
FD-18A 13KVAC 500
FD-20A 13KVAC 1000
FD-22A 20KVAC 250
FD-24A 20KVAC 500
FD-33A 25KVAC 250
FD-36A 25KVAC 500
FHV-153AN 15KVDC 7000  
FHV-1AN 20KVDC 1700  
FHV-2AN 20KVDC 3000  
FHV-3AN 20KVDC 5200  
FHV-4AN 30KVDC 1200  
FHV-5AN 30KVDC 2100  
FHV-6AN 30KVDC 3500  
FHV-7AN 40KVDC 850  
FHV-8AN 40KVDC 1500  
FHV-9AN 40KVDC 2600  
FHV-10AN 50KVDC 700  
FHV-11AN 50KVDC 1300  
FHV-12AN 50KVDC 2100  
UHV-221A 20KVDC 200  
UHV-222A 20KVDC 400  
UHV-223A 20KVDC 700  
UHV-224A 20KVDC 1000  
UHV-1A 20KVDC 1400  
UHV-2A 20KVDC 2500  
UHV-3A 20KVDC 4000  
UHV-231A 30KVDC 200  
UHV-232A 30KVDC 400  
UHV-233A 30KVDC 700  
UHV-4A 30KVDC 940  
UHV-5A 30KVDC 1700  
UHV-6A 30KVDC 2700  
UHV-241A 40KVDC 100  
UHV-242A 40KVDC 200  
UHV-243A 40KVDC 400  
UHV-7A 40KVDC 700  
UHV-8A 40KVDC 1300  
UHV-9A 40KVDC 2000  
UHV-251A 50KVDC 100  
UHV-252A 50KVDC 200  
UHV-253A 50KVDC 400  
UHV-10A 50KVDC 560  
UHV-11A 50KVDC 1000  
UHV-12A 50KVDC 1700  
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